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Home – Purely Hoping

Welcome! I’m Katherine and I’m glad you’re here.

I hope you get something out of your visit today. This is a life project that I feel I have been called to do, so I hope it gives you life as well.

There are a couple different sections here. One part is my “normal blog” where I get to talk about life and Jesus and whatever else pops into my head (it’s an adventure, to be sure) and the other part is my “med blog” where you can stay updated on the strangeness of my medical journey, if that is something you are interested in.

I hope you’ll take the time to read the explanation I have given about my name, Purely Hoping, which also gives you a bit of a backstory to my life. Maybe you will feel like you know me, and I hope someday you’ll come to think of me as a kindred spirit as we walk this road together called life.



Recent Blog Posts:

2020 Vision

It’s a little over a week into the new year as I write this and the hustle and “newness” of the season is starting to wear off a little, or at least it seems to be wearing off to me. As I have reflected on the past year, I’ve noticed that...

An Advent Reflection

I sit here on my outdated denim loveseat, wrapped up in my newly knit prayer shawl, and enjoy the warmth of the sunshine that is shining through my dirty window that I had tied the curtain back with a piece of ribbon. I hear the murmur of water boiling on my antique...

The Most Tightly Locked Places

Do you ever find yourself in that little space within you that you keep locked up, tucked away, so no one can see what's in there?

What I Learned Fall 2019

It’s crazy to think as I type this I already have my Christmas tree up and my house partially decorated. Last year, I wanted Christmas to be over instead of anticipating it, but this year, since I am out of retail, I am taking my time to enjoy this season we are...

Why “Purely Hoping”?

Purely Hoping isn’t just wishing for something in vain. It’s not an unrealized dream. It’s not something out of reach or unrealistic….

My Medical Blog

For those that want to stay up to date on my health.

Fall Health Update

How strange it is to think that most of December is actually fall, not winter. I feel funny calling this a Fall Health Update because…it’s now after Christmas, but I guess that’s just how it goes. October Thankfully October was a pretty quiet month,...

Summer Health Update

It seems like it is easiest to do an update every couple of months instead of more frequently because sometimes there is a lot that has changed; other times, not much is different. My last major update was about the bronchoscopy, and to be honest, not a lot has...

June 14 Bronchoscopy

The results (so far) from my bronchoscopy and the actions taken because of them: Pneumocystis Before I even left the hospital on the 14th I had been diagnosed with pneumocystis. From research I’ve done, it is another fungal infection. I saw a note somewhere in...

Hospital Stays and Control

June 13-14 I had a scheduled stay at the hospital. They have wanted me to stay for two nights and I went into the “trip” knowing I did not plan to stay two nights if I could help it. They wanted to do a bronchoscopy to see if I still have mycobacterium...