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Home – Purely Hoping

Welcome! I’m Katherine and I’m glad you’re here.

I hope you get something out of your visit today. This is a life project that I feel I have been called to do, so I hope it gives you life as well.

There are a couple different sections here. One part is my “normal blog” where I get to talk about life and Jesus and whatever else pops into my head (it’s an adventure, to be sure) and the other part is my “med blog” where you can stay updated on the strangeness of my medical journey, if that is something you are interested in.

I hope you’ll take the time to read the explanation I have given about my name, Purely Hoping, which also gives you a bit of a backstory to my life. Maybe you will feel like you know me, and I hope someday you’ll come to think of me as a kindred spirit as we walk this road together called life.



Recent Blog Posts:

The Story of the Study

Remember my story about flooding the basement and the mess it made, but also the realization I came to while cleaning and thinking about it later? Well, as we cleaned after the floor dried (I don’t even want to tell you how gross that floor was, y’all. It...

Love in the Messes

If you’ve wondered what I’ve been up to lately, I hope you’ll enjoy these pieces I’ve put together about some of our projects lately. This is what started a lot of changes around our house… I wandered down the stairs to open the washing...

What I Learned Spring 2020

The last time I wrote one of these updates, the world was a completely different place. Now, I find myself trying to even remember writing those words, feeling those feelings, and realizing the new things I learned then. I just went back to look at what I wrote about...

Petunias and Pruning

He brought home a hanging planter with light pink petunias at my brother’s urging. He was going to get me some cut flowers, but Jacob reminded him I’d appreciate a new plant more; they last longer. He hung them on a hook around the edge of the porch, but I...

Why “Purely Hoping”?

Purely Hoping isn’t just wishing for something in vain. It’s not an unrealized dream. It’s not something out of reach or unrealistic….

My Medical Blog

For those that want to stay up to date on my health.

Spring Health Update 2020

Here I sit in my air-conditioned office, hiding from the heat of summer blazing outside these freshly painted walls. It almost seems silly to call this a “spring” update when it’s been summertime for what feels like ages. At the same time, I don’t know how it became...

Winter Health Update

It’s been a long winter, y’all. January was pretty quiet. I got a few colds but did my best to stay well for my February 3 appointment at Hershey since we were doing a repeat chest CT to see if what was in my lungs was from a viral infection or if it was...

Fall Health Update

How strange it is to think that most of December is actually fall, not winter. I feel funny calling this a Fall Health Update because…it’s now after Christmas, but I guess that’s just how it goes. October Thankfully October was a pretty quiet month,...

Summer Health Update

It seems like it is easiest to do an update every couple of months instead of more frequently because sometimes there is a lot that has changed; other times, not much is different. My last major update was about the bronchoscopy, and to be honest, not a lot has...