Notes From My Seat on the Rocks

Notes From My Seat on the Rocks

My friend Alyssa and I decided to go on an evening adventure and ended up at High Rock in Cascade, MD. It’s a popular place to hang out and watch the sun set around here. Some days, there’s hardly anyone here. Other days, like today, it’s so full it’s hard to not be in some else’s way. We decided to not sit on the usual old look out, but on a different rock further back instead.

It’s interesting to people watch here because there are all sorts of different people. There are couples sharing a romantic evening; some just sitting and enjoying the view, others posing for pictures. Some people sit here in the quiet and enjoy it, others disrupt it with their interesting choice of music and the “wonderful” smell of cigarette smoke. (Mini rant: Sometimes I get upset when people purposefully ruin their healthy lungs and hurt the air around them because I do what I can to make my lungs as healthy as I can. They are throwing their health away…I know what lung problems are like. Living with one and a half lungs wasn’t my choice; if it happens to a smoker, it was their choice. Rant over.)

People like to leave their marks on this place, but I prefer to let it leave it’s mark on me. It’s a historical place, it was used in the civil war as a look out and for years since as a fire watch. You can see for miles here and I love seeing the mountains in the distance, the towns in their little clusters, and the farms that look like quilts.

The view, especially at sunset, is breathtaking. Tonight it’s a little hazy, but still lovely nonetheless. There’s always a breeze since it’s hanging off the side of a mountain so even on hot days, it’s cool here.

Seeing God’s handiwork in such a peaceful way as this reminds me of the peace God gives, but also seeing the care he puts into each sunset, each mountain side, helps me remember how much he cares about me and my life.

Sometimes, we just need to be refreshed and renewed. Take a breath of fresh air and watch a sunset.

Refresh. Renew. Breathe.

All is well.

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