10 Things I’ve Learned This Summer

10 Things I’ve Learned This Summer

I believe it is important to reflect on the past and see where we have come from on occasion to see more clearly where we are going. Every three months I plan to list a few of the things I have learned, both serious and maybe seemingly silly things – whatever sticks out the most. Here are some of the things I have learned this summer!

1. I adore companionship.

I love being alone, but I don’t love being by myself. It’s one of the reasons Andrew and I get along so well, we can be in the same room doing our own thing and be completely happy. Recently I’ve been blessed to have my dog, Mountain Pie, come stay with me some and she’s a breath of fresh air for those days when I feel slightly overwhelmed by being home alone. Plus and minuses to my wonderful new job: I’m home alone a lot more.

2. For every bad doctor, there’s a wonderful doctor with a great solution.

3. Church isn’t a building.

Which, I knew before. But I know now on a completely different level. Church is Christian community actually loving and caring about each other. Loving. And caring.

Who says you can’t have church outside?

4. Doctors have apparently started prescribing people to go take a hike.

I want that prescription. Please?

5. Natural Bridge, Virginia is a beautiful place to visit.

It was also surveyed by George Washington for Lord Fairfax. George Washington left his initials for us to view centuries later.

6. A giraffe’s head is about the same size as my torso.

7. I am not completely crazy.

I joined an online adrenal insufficiency support group and found out I’m not crazy, some of my symptoms really are symptoms. I also found out I have it easier than a lot of people on that front, which is comforting considering all my other health problems.

8. Some people aren’t meant to be in our inner circles.

Some people aren’t even meant to be in our lives for more than a moment or a quick lesson learned. Those who are to be in your life will be there and the rest you can smile at as they walk in and out.

9. I have a strong cough reflex.

So strong, I can’t be twilight zoned for bronchoscopies and I can possibly break a rib. Excuse me while I add that to my resume…

10. You can’t have too much Jane Austen.

Also, a lot of people who were in Harry Potter have also been in Jane Austen movies/mini series and it makes me extremely happy.

So, there is what I have learned in a couple hundred words. I learned a lot more than that, but I think reflecting on the biggest things is a lot more enjoyable for all of us.

Until next time!

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