An Advent Reflection

An Advent Reflection

I sit here on my outdated denim loveseat, wrapped up in my newly knit prayer shawl, and enjoy the warmth of the sunshine that is shining through my dirty window that I had tied the curtain back with a piece of ribbon. I hear the murmur of water boiling on my antique stove in the kitchen as the dryer spins and buttons clank in the basement.

I sit here to spend time with Jesus and to journal. As I was read the last verse in my Jesus Calling devotional for the day, a thought skittered across my mind.

“Live by faith, not by sight.”

Perhaps I cannot touch God physically with my hand, still I can turn my gaze toward him as I do the sun that is lighting up my journal as I write. Maybe I can’t touch him, but that doesn’t make him any less real than the humidity I am putting into the air as my stove boils a pot of water. I can’t see it, but I can feel it.

This Advent I am trying to take time to be more still. Less rushed. Fewer sentences, more meaning.

As I wrap up in my shawl and remember that God is closer to me than even that is, I turn my gaze back to the window and follow the dazzling light to the words written in my journal.

“Help me keep my gaze on you – although you cannot be seen, I can still look to you.”

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