The Most Katherine Excuse (and some poems)

The Most Katherine Excuse (and some poems)

I have the most Katherine excuse ever for not posting anything here lately.

If you know me personally, you are probably familiar with my fingernails. If not, perhaps you should know I take great pride in my nails since my hair won’t grow much past my shoulders. Unlike my hair, my nails are oddly strong and grow to great lengths. However, long nails and keyboards do not get along. This is probably why I don’t play the piano very well, and why I purchased a guitar but haven’t managed to learn to play it. My nails grow way too fast and as odd as it sounds, it makes me sick to cut them.

Usually I let them grow until they start breaking. One broke today. So, here I am!

From before I cut my nails, showing off the work that’s being done in the pantry. Also, not sponsored by DeWalt, but we probably should be.

This whole past month or so has been very strange for everyone which is probably another reason I’ve been having a hard time writing. Andrew has been working from home, which includes rebuilding our moldy pantry (see this post for some information about that), and replacing a window in our bathroom so it will be less drafty (it’s made a huge difference already!). Then the middle panel of our shower just decided to fall one day as I was sitting in the living room with Mountain Pie. We both heard it, but I looked in the dining room and didn’t see anything out of place. Later that day, Andrew took a shower and when he got out he told me about it.

I laughed. Then explained it. He wasn’t terribly thrilled, but it got fixed and now the caulking that kept molding and stressing me out has been replaced.

Did I mention this happened the day after I had been wondering about that panel because it looked like there was caulking missing and then I couldn’t help but wonder if it was moldy behind it? Well, that happened. The next day it fell and showed me it is not moldy. Andrew got to take showers at my parents house for a few nights because of waiting for everything to dry.

As I type, the inside of the pantry is working on getting finished, probably a little sooner than anticipated because Andrew has been spending more time in his office. Between spending more time in there and putting a 3D printer in there, he is tired of the pantry being in his office. Therefore, the actual pantry is getting finished.

We wanted to wait for some rain to make sure nothing leaked before sealing things up inside, and let me tell you: it’s rained pretty hard here. We even experienced a little hail. The weather has been crazy, causing migraines galore. I had a couple days I was almost too sick to do anything which NEVER happens to me. Except, of course, during a pandemic when I want to be making progress and doing all the things.

That’s probably my problem. Perhaps I shouldn’t be trying so hard to get things done and spend my time focusing on what matters: my relationship with God and with Andrew. Thankfully, there’s been a lot of time for both of those relationships lately.

It has been really nice having Andrew home so much. Since we are both introverts, we can be in the same house but spend hours away from each other and it’s okay. We can even be in the same room doing two different things and be okay. As long as he doesn’t try talking to me while I’m reading or come into the room while I’m writing, sit down, and start watching a video with the noise on. Those things are not okay, and maybe one day he will learn that.

Anyway, since I’ve been hardly typing long form lately, I have spent some time writing some shorter things, like poems. I’m grateful for my best friend who sent me not only an electric kettle (I’m drinking so much more tea!) but also a book called One Poem a Day: A Writer’s Daily Journal of Words and Inspiration.

(Links to Amazon are affiliate links, which means if you click on them and purchase something, I will get a little kickback to help fund my reading obsession or my new hope*writers lifetime membership, but it won’t cost you anything extra!)

Along with my super amazing supportive best friend, I also have a super amazing supportive group of writer friends over at Indelible Ink Writers. We’ve had some writing prompts over the past week or so, and I’ve done a couple of them, so I’m including those below for your enjoyment (I hope) and so you can see I’ve been present…just not here. I’ve been on Instagram a little more frequently lately, writing short form instead of long form.

But now my nails are short, so my writing can be long!

Expect a book review for the latest book launch I’ve joined, (This Too Shall Last by K.J. Ramsey), perhaps some more poems, my usual ponderings about God and life, and maybe even some surprises if I can get Andrew to help me work on a few things.

For now, I hope you enjoy my small poetry collection from our writing prompts “Pieces in the Pause”. There are links in the description of the poem to explanations of my thoughts behind the poems.

Monday’s prompt: Buried Beneath the Piles
Tuesday’s prompt: Though the Days are Long
Wednesday’s prompt: My Prayer Through This Pause
Thursday’s prompt: I Feel It In My Bones
Friday’s prompt: My Brain Feels Like…

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