My Prayer Through This Pause

My Prayer Through This Pause

I’m currently writing about poems I’ve been writing during this time, a series of prompts called “Pieces in the Pause” by Indelible Ink Writers. To see more, see this post.

Do you feel it too? The way the days all run together like a train that’s looked on from afar. You know there are spaces between it, but it’s hard to see, similar to how a lot of us feel right now.

Easter came and went without much ado. It was quiet and celebrated differently. Without gathering together in person as a church, the joyful fellowship was difficult to replicate. We spoke to screens and then hurried off to the next thing as we often seem to do. I found myself forgetting to set aside sacred time to celebrate and give thanks. By the time I was alone with my journal and Bible, I was weary and tired.

The day felt the same. Yet, it should have been so different.

The days pass in a blur and I find it hard to remember what I spent my time on as I sit with my journal, working back through my day. In some ways, there’s more to write about. At the same time, it’s seamless, with each day beginning and ending without notice.

I have found it is especially important for me to make myself sit down to write and spend time with Jesus otherwise, in the blur of the day, I forget. The last thing I want to remember about this time is spending so much time doing things that I forget what really matters. I am trying to fight to seek His peace and love even more during this time, because when am I going to be this young and have this much time again? It truly is a gift I don’t want to waste.

If nothing else, I want to come out of this “pause” closer to Jesus than I was before. If I can say that has happened, that is enough success for me.

Lord, help me see these “far away train” days are helping me lean closer to You. Help me find ways to see the days are holy, if for no reason other than the fact that You are the one who made it. May I tie Your love around me. May Your peace drape across me like a blanket, keeping me safe and warm, knowing I am held by You.

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