What I Learned Spring 2020

What I Learned Spring 2020

The last time I wrote one of these updates, the world was a completely different place. Now, I find myself trying to even remember writing those words, feeling those feelings, and realizing the new things I learned then. I just went back to look at what I wrote about all those years ago that was actually only three months ago, and I WROTE ABOUT FACE MASKS, Y’ALL. I. Wrote. About. Masks. BEFORE. It. Was. Cool. and I can’t get over that. Don’t mind my dramatics, I’m not always like this (or am I?) but y’all. I started a trend. I am SO SORRY.

So, here’s my “quarantined version” of what I learned this season. You may find it isn’t that different from my “normal” ones because I am an introverted homebody who loves being home; therefore, I am thriving right now. I’ve been busy and amazingly able to do a lot since I haven’t been drained by people, so if you never see me in public again, you’ll know why! 

I love working from home.

I really should just be a stay at home wife because I love it. I’m sorry everyone who doesn’t understand, but life is great except for all the chaos happening. My prayers are with all the losses, deaths, and life changes that have happened suddenly and against our will, but I love looking at the positive things and right now, I am loving being at home.

I don’t have to be positive all the time and pretend I am okay to be a good Christian.

Thank you, K.J. Ramsey, for your life-giving words. I didn’t realize how much pressure I felt to act like I was okay when I wasn’t until I learned it’s okay to not be okay. It’s also okay to let others know you are suffering…it’s actually healthy even though it is uncomfortable and awkward. Honesty really gets us farthest, and how can we function as the body of Christ if we can’t be honest with each other when we are hurt and struggling? Here’s a link to my book review for K.J. Ramsey’s book This Too Shall Last.

Poetry was a lost love of mine.

I hadn’t realized how much I missed writing short-form until a writing group I am a part of, Indelible Ink Writers, had writing challenges during April. It re-sparked that love, and then my friend sent me a book called One Poem A Day that’s full of writing prompts, which has helped me keep that love alive through quarantine! 

Planning a garden before COVID-19 was brilliant.

I am so thankful I was already planning to plant a garden before everything went down. My little brother came and put in a slightly raised bed for me on March 2, and I was planning what I wanted to plant long before everyone else thought it was a good idea. Not going to lie, I love that “victory gardens” are making a comeback. I hope it sticks around! (Thank you Jacob’s Lawn Care for doing the work!)

Apparently, my dog likes to eat puzzle pieces.

I thought it was an April Fools joke when I came home to find puzzle pieces missing, but alas, it was not. She did indeed eat my puzzle. I have it rolled up right now, waiting to be glued together so I can remember her orneriness in the years to come. Andrew says I should put “Mountain Pie was here” where it’s missing a lot of pieces and frame it, so I probably will.

Sometimes, it’s better to tear something down and start fresh than patch what’s already there.

We re-did my pantry at the beginning of all of this (there was a beginning? Yes, there was), and I’m thankful we opted to tear it all the way down instead of repair it because it was a mess. I wrote about it a little here.

Sometimes, you just have to improvise.

I was asked to be a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding over a year ago. The wedding was on May 23, and the wedding shower was to be on March 21. We ended up having to cancel our plans and simply had tea with the bride, the maid (or matron, since she is married) of honor (who was also our hostess), and myself. We had a lovely time and dressed very dramatically. The wedding was also slightly improvised but turned out gorgeous. It was intimate, and the pictures are stunning, unlike anything she would have gotten had it been at her original location.

Photo Credit: Cayla Carbaugh

The enneagram is mindblowing and can connect people in ways that would be difficult without it.

I’ve had some excellent conversations lately that I don’t think would have happened had I not been familiar with the enneagram. I am still learning and have a lot left to learn, but if you are wondering, I am a nine. An assessment that I would recommend to get an idea of what you might be can be found here.

You can make your own magic.

Even if it involves forcing your brother to put on a decent shirt. My sister’s first formal was postponed, so we had our own.

The upper lobes of your lungs are the majority of your lungs.

I feel like I should have known this, but I did not. I was trying to explain to my friend how the lower lobe of my left lung inflated to take up the majority of my lung cavity. During my research for a picture to explain lobes to her, I found source upon source that showed the upper left lobe is at least 60% of your left lung. Mine is all gone, though. God made our bodies so amazingly that the little part left of mine is more than enough. It amazes me every time I think about it. 

Photo Credit: Seattle Cancer Care Alliance

I learned a lot, plus some (like how to get your basement clean without meaning to…). I love the opportunity to look back and see what’s happened in the last three months, especially since these have blended together seamlessly and have left me feeling dazed. What about you? What have you learned? Feel free to leave a comment and let me know!

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