Spring Health Update 2020

Spring Health Update 2020

Here I sit in my air-conditioned office, hiding from the heat of summer blazing outside these freshly painted walls. It almost seems silly to call this a “spring” update when it’s been summertime for what feels like ages. At the same time, I don’t know how it became June already, let alone July. I’m finally used to writing “June” in my journal, and now it will change again, leaving ink marks where I unthinkingly write the wrong month.

But, the end of June is here, along with the official start of summer and a strange ache of the lack of familiar habits. Usually this week my family would have been at a camp in the woods telling young souls about Jesus, and we would be getting ready to celebrate Independence Day by watching my little sister perform at the annual Summer Jubilee here in town, followed up by fireworks watched with family. We aren’t sure what this year will look like yet, but maybe it will be a chance to start new traditions.

It’s been a quiet quarter, as far as health goes. I had a telehealth appointment with my infectious disease doctor in the middle of April. Once we finally got a hold of each other (it was a whole thing), she ensured I was doing alright and verified I was still taking all my medications. I wasn’t terribly concerned about getting COVID since I wasn’t around people, but she made me feel even better by telling me that although I have issues in my lungs, the fact that they’re not viral, I am young, I am skinny, and I am female all work in my favor should COVID come calling. That took some stress away.

Since most doctors are currently closed, I was surprised that my allergist still wanted a check-up, but since they called, I made an appointment and visited him early this month. My mom rode with me but didn’t go into the office because they’re being picky about that. As my doctor discussed all the myths circling “The Wizard of Oz,” I realized how odd it was to be at the appointment alone. I rarely ever go to an appointment by myself, and usually when I am there, I go with my sister and her daughters. The typically full room was silent and calm, except for the eccentricity of my doctor with his COVID hair back in a durag (Do rag? Doo rag? Seriously, Google was NOT helpful with this one), clear safety goggles on his head, and a cloth mask across his face with writing on it I couldn’t quite make out. Our discussion about “The Wizard of Oz” made me forget to mention the new medicine he had to switch me to (my insurance decided not to cover my old one) tastes like Brakleen. (How do I know? I am married to a car guy. I know a lot of random things. Including this, unfortunately.)

I’ve noticed bruising in strange places (the top of my head? The top AND bottom of my foot? How?) so I took note of my weight at the doctor’s office and saw I dropped to 85lbs again. Since then, I have been trying to remind myself to eat every three hours. I haven’t noticed a difference yet, but it’s also hot out, which doesn’t make me want to eat any more than I must.
The only other noteworthy thing to update y’all on would be my migraines. I started going to the chiropractor more often to try to help with them (by the way, a good chiropractor is ALWAYS worth the money!). But one Sunday, I was at my parents’ house and got an awful migraine. My mother offered me some magnesium, which she said may help. Out of desperation, I tried it. I’m not usually a fan of “medicines” you mix into your drink, so I was amazed it didn’t just not taste bad, it actually tasted good. I didn’t think much more of it after that. It seemed to take the edge off the migraine, but a couple of hours later, when I got home, I was unable to move because I suddenly felt awful. Moving made me want to throw up, which is something I physically can’t do. I was at a loss of how to treat it. My go-to is Excedrin, but I had already taken one and it was getting worse.

My other remedies include Trim Healthy Mama hemp oil products, which I take internally and also use externally to soothe the back of my neck. I also use a dash of cream of tartar under my tongue, bioplasma cell salts, and any mixture of diluted essential oils I can think of trying. My mom made me one for pain relief, but it lives in my purse and I often forget it. Other favorites include peppermint and Eden’s Garden’s Head Ease, but nothing was touching this migraine.

They’ve become strange lately. I call them “silent migraines” because they don’t hurt much but make me nauseous and dizzy. I lose focus, and it’s pretty much downhill from there. I made sure I had up-dosed hydrocort, then sat in the mostly darkened living room at a certain angle and refused to move. Eventually, it dulled enough I could move again.

I knew something was going on because I’ve started getting migraines more often. I did some research and realized my mom might have been on to something when she gave me the magnesium. When I worked retail, I almost obsessively ate almonds. It got to the point I wondered if I had become addicted to them since it seemed to be an anxious habit, which I figured was probably not healthy for me. I lessened my almond eating after changing jobs, and since working mostly from home, I haven’t snacked on nuts as I would even at my current job, and the migraines have gotten more frequent. Along with that, my anxiety has gotten worse, which I figured had to do with the crazy world around me.

Amazingly, if you Google what magnesium helps with, you learn it helps with asthma symptoms, digestive issues, anxiety and depression, reduces inflammation, and reduces migraine occurrences. What?! How did I not know this? My next step was to Google “foods with magnesium.” Surprisingly (or maybe unsurprisingly), one of the top foods is almonds. My body knew what I needed and asked for it. Often we are told to ignore our cravings, but sometimes you have to be willing to listen to your body. It knows what it needs. Now I’m going to eat more almonds, but I am also drinking magnesium twice a day, and it is making SUCH a difference!

Obviously, everything that I tell you has worked for me works for me and may not work for you. It’s always best to do your own research and talk to doctors or other knowledgeable people if you want to try something new.

That about wraps up this health update. There is (sadly) no new news on my genetic testing results, no CT results to see how I look inside, and nothing crazy going on, so I guess for now I am going to be okay with being okay and not having answers. I am having issues getting my hydrocort currently because it’s on backorder, so prayers for that would be appreciated.

Thanks for reading my ramblings and praying for me. I appreciate it and love you all! Below are links to some of the products I mentioned in the post.

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