The Aroma of Collaboration

The Aroma of Collaboration

How’s that for a title?

Truth is, to get back into writing I’ve joined two of my favorite writing groups in creative prompts! Indelible Ink Writers has prompts going out on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday throughout the month of September to Awaken Your Art. To prepare for hope*writers opening to new members starting on the 14th of September, they have a seven day challenge to Write Better Together. Since most of the posting is actually on Instagram, I decided to let those of you who visit me over here read the writings, too. Plus some extra words because…why not?

Also, if you’re interesting in joining in, please do! If you’re interested in writing, check out my affiliate links to the hope*writers writing stages quiz at or see their “10 questions to ask yourself before you write a book”:

Aroma: Day 3 of the Indelible Ink Writers prompts encouraging creatives to Awaken Your Art and Collaborate: Day 1 of the hope*writers writing prompts Write Better Together.

I haven’t baked since quarantine started.

I could give excuses such as the fact I couldn’t use my kitchen for the first month of quarantine because of a pantry remodel that had dust all over my kitchen or say that my lovely vintage oven is wonderful in the wintertime, but once it gets warm out, it can make the house unbearable. But the reality is, I just haven’t had the energy or felt like it.

My vintage Flair oven from the 1960’s.

Perhaps it’s hard to understand if you’re a healthy person with energy (or are those mythical creatures?), but those who are chronically ill will understand: baking is exhausting. By the time I pick a recipe, find all the ingredients, measure it all out, mix it up, prepare it for the oven, and put it in, I am ready for a nap. But then…you can’t nap until it’s done baking so you don’t accidentally burn everything AND now the sink is full of dishes and there is baking blend all over the counters. (For those of you who don’t know, I follow the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle. Baking blend is our equivalent of flour.)

However, thanks to being home all the time, I have discovered that when Andrew and I collaborate, the mental exhaustion of baking and cleaning up is alleviated. I bake; he helps (and does my least favorite part: the dishes). Both of us being home has helped me realize I can take some of the stress of housekeeping off my shoulders by asking Andrew to do it…and like the amazing person he is, he steps up. (My philosophy is that we both live here so we both have the responsibility to do the work…and he definitely makes more of the messes!)

As I checked Instagram this morning to see today’s prompt from Indelible Ink Writers, I was reminded that baking is being creative, too. The prompt was “Aroma” and along with the prompt was a list of different ways to achieve this.

Photo credit: Indelible Ink Writers and Rachel Kang

Perhaps awakening my art also includes reawakening my love for baking. Or perhaps it’s more of a love of having baked goods…but whichever it is, the aroma of freshly baked Just Peachy Muffins (pg. 286 of the first Trim Healthy Mama cookbook) now fills my kitchen, and I’m left wondering why I haven’t done this since March.

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