Hello my lovely friends! I haven’t updated here with many of my Instagram writings the past couple of days because things got hectic, but I wanted to share that tomorrow, my fantastic writing community, hope*writers, is going to have a FREE webinar! They planned the last day of their Instagram challenge perfectly to bridge over to the webinar because the final prompt was Community.

Community takes various forms as we go through life.

Sometimes friends become your tribe.

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Church is your family.

And people you’ve only met online are your biggest encouragement.

Right now, community looks different than it has before. While there’s nothing like being together in person, I am thankful for social media bringing people together who may have never met otherwise and giving us unexpected opportunities to grow.

This Monday, September 14, Emily P. Freeman, co-founder of hope*writers and the reason I joined hope*writers (I recognized her name because I read one of her books several years ago. Joining was an answer to prayer), is hosting an online training for writers, 3 Secrets for Writers Looking for Clarity: Discover your writing rhythm, create a simple plan, and finally find your writing people.

This live training will help you:

  • discover what’s keeping you from finding your writing rhythm
  • design a simple plan for progress that works for you
  • learn why community is the key to your writing success

Emily is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author who understands the challenging, sacred, and sometimes maddening work of writing words. She’s been writing them (and now speaking them!) for years now, and each time I see she has emailed out or posted something on Instagram, I get excited to read it because her words feel like the best friend everyone wants to have.

And here’s the good news, if you want to write, she wants to help you find a simple plan to make progress in your writing.

You can catch this live training at 2 PM or 8 PM ET. I hope you’ll click here to save your spot:

You have nothing to lose, and so much to gain!

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