A Christmas Miracle

A Christmas Miracle

It’s a chaotic time of year, and 2020 is no exception, although it looks different than any other year has. Thanks to all the chaos, I hadn’t taken a full dose of one of my medicines since Saturday morning. I ordered it on December 10, the pharmacy shipped it out on the 14, and it’s been sitting somewhere since the 18 with no date in sight for its arrival. (I should probably note that NIH sends this medicine at no cost to me.)

So, I left messages with the doctor who had originally prescribed the medication, asking if there was any way she could try to get approval from my insurance so I could get some of the medicine from my local pharmacy, even if it’s just a few days worth. One of the reasons it’s sent to me by NIH is because it is very expensive, so insurance doesn’t make it easy to obtain. While I am only taking it for preventative maintenance now, if I come off the medicine, there’s a chance if I began taking it again, it won’t work. There aren’t many medications that kill the form of fungus I have, and that would make my options even fewer. To be honest, it’s not even a medicine I want to take, mostly since it’s the main reason we can’t have children right now, but it’s still needed so I can, you know, survive.

My mother had just messaged me telling me I needed to call my doctor again when I received a phone call from my local pharmacy informing me a medication was ready to be picked up, and she had been told to call me when it was filled.

I had not ordered any medicine.

“Can you tell me what the medicine is?” I asked, trying not to hope too much that it was the medicine I needed and that somehow it had gotten pushed through insurance and the pharmacy somehow managed to either have the medicine on hand (it’s not a super common one) or were able to get it ordered in that quickly.

She informed me it was, indeed, the medicine I needed, and we got off the phone with my head spinning.

Since I was at work and was unsure if the pharmacy would be closing early since it’s Christmas Eve, I messaged Andrew to ask him to pick it up and warned him I had no idea how much it might cost us. I had prepared to pay a high price for it, but we only paid $10.

Yes, the top number is the actual price of the medicine…and it’s only 15 days worth.

For all the downsides of the greed of Christmastime and the forgotten focus of the gift of Christ, I was reminded today of the real meaning of Christmas.
Maybe Christmas is more about opening our hands to receive what we need more than what we want. Perhaps we should stop trying to get the “perfect” gifts for each other and give instead what is needed. A listening ear, a real hug, a meaningful note of appreciation…all of which turn our gaze back to the One from whom all blessings flow.

I share this with hopes that my “Christmas Miracle” will bless you today, too, and so in the years to come, I can be reminded of God’s provision in seemingly impossible situations.

First full dose in five days!

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