Netherfield’s Kitchen

Netherfield’s Kitchen

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We haven’t done much in the kitchen since (thankfully) we didn’t really need to, so here are some pictures from when we first bought the house!

I am not a huge fan of kitchen islands, but in this kitchen, I kind of need it. So, I guess it gets to stay! We had just remodeled the kitchen in our apartment starting in January of 2022, so I don’t think I could have handled another super outdated kitchen so soon after finally getting a modernized one. I love the floor and the ceiling, as well as the cabinets. The countertop and backsplash will probably get replaced in the future, and I have removed all the curtains since we don’t really need them in this room. The ceiling fan may also get an update one of these days, but it’s not top priority for us right now.

Of course, we switched the oven in this picture and my Frigidaire Flair, so this one went to the apartment and mine is now at this house. My counters are not nearly this cleared off anymore, either!

My stove in place! (Also pictured is the wooden floor cleaning solution I prefer the most. It’s simply vinegar and olive oil mixed together! I typically will scrub the floor with Murphy Oil Soap and then lightly mist the floor with this solution before wiping it down with a lint-free cloth.)

The doorway beside the stove is our pantry which is currently also our laundry room. I despise that so much that Andrew has decided to put in laundry hookups in what will be my craft room. That room shares a wall with our upstairs bathroom, which will be getting remodeled soon, so getting water there will be easy!

My favorite things in my kitchen other than my stove:

We have an older version of this GoWiseUSA air fryer, and it’s one of the items that gets to sit out on my counter all the time since we use it so much!

While this is not the electric kettle that sits out on my counter all the time, this one is pretty close! Mine was gifted to me in 2020, and she sees a lot of use.

I was recently gifted this Pioneer Woman cookbook stand, and the colors go so nicely with my kitchen. It also goes well with the other items from this collection I’ve been gifted over the years, like the creamer and sugar bowl set, this measuring cup, these measuring bowls, and this teapot (which was the first of my small, unofficial collection). We also received a belated wedding present last November (after we’d been married for four years!) of a Pioneer Woman cookware set!

We spent the money we received from our wedding on a good set of knives that I will still recommend almost five years later! I grew up using Cutco; my parents had them and so did my grandparents. I’d also recommend getting the kitchen shears from them!

I enjoy getting my cleaning supplies from Grove Collaborative. I love the smell of Mrs. Meyer’s rose scented soaps (which are seasonal and Grove is out, but the kitchen basics set is available on Amazon, and Grove just released the fall scents, such as Apple Cider). Also very useful has been Grove’s sink-side caddy with the bottle brush. I love that the caddy has a spot to hold a sponge and the bottle brush!

Click here to get a free gift of a Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaning or a Grove Co. refillable cleaning set (with your first purchase from Grove)

On we shall go to the next rooms of Netherfield!

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