Surprise, I Wrote a Book!

Surprise, I Wrote a Book!

To celebrate Andrew and my fifth wedding anniversary (I know, it’s wild it’s been so long!), I published my first book! It’s a collection of love poems I’ve written over the past six years of our relationship.

The ebook is available on Amazon now, and in extra celebration of our anniversary, it’s FREE on Kindle today and tomorrow! (August 18-19) The paperback version should be available on Amazon sometime next week.

It would mean so much to us if you took the time to download the free ebook (affiliate link), and it would be even better if you could leave a review after you read it to help make it more noticeable on Amazon. (Bonus points if you copy that review into Goodreads, too!)

Andrew knew about the book, but that’s it. There was a time partway through that I was having issues with the file downloading, and Andrew said, “It was then that she regretted her first book being one that her IT husband wasn’t allowed to see.” But thankfully, we figured it out without him having to look at the document!

Many thanks to those who have helped me along the way, especially my wonderful beta readers and, of course, the one the book is about.

Happy Anniversary, my love <3

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